This blog will have a major update in the following month.
I’ll switch to drupal.

Do you want a forum ?

I think I’m tired of wordpress…. anyway if do you want a forum about blogspot in particularly and bloggers in general please vote on this POLL over the next week.

thank you.
the forum will be in any case, but this vote will make me decide sooner or later.

Yahoo Share The Knowledge

Today I opened Yahoo Buzz and I find I nice gift from Yahoo. I’ll paste them in this post for safe keeping ;)

Top searches for 2006

Top 10 Overall Searches

1 Britney Spears
3 Shakira
4 Jessica Simpson
5 Paris Hilton
6 American Idol
7 Beyonce Knowles
8 Chris Brown
9 Pamela Anderson
10 Lindsay Lohan

Top 10 News Story Searches

1 Steve Irwin death
2 Anna Nicole’s son dies
3 Iraq
4 Israel and Lebanon
5 U.S. elections
6 Fidel Castro stroke
7 North Korea nuke
8 JonBenet confession
9 Saddam Hussein trial
10 Danish cartoon


A bad day for adsense publishers

Today me and other thousands of adsense publisher were reading with sorrow the Google AdSense Blog, my grief was given by this post .

So from now on no more beautiful Google Ads. Somehow I think I was expecting this after YPN policy modification and after seeing images and text included in adsense ads by google.

Anyway…It’s “sure thing that” CTR (click through rate) will go down… :((

3 columns K2 template for Blogspot

This is an K2 clone with 3 columns template for blogspot.

  • - 3 columns
  • - fixed width : 880 pixels
  • - navigation bar
  • - clickable post title
  • - clean look
  • -fast loading

Download K2 template for Blogger:

text file: k2-with-3-columns.txt
zip file: k2-with-3-columns.zip

How to post via email?

Or how to post using mail.yahoo.com or gmail.com ?

1. Login into your blogger account.
2. Click on “Change Settings” icon of your blog.
3. Open ” Email” tab (see picture) -> blogger-how-to.jpg

4. Enter your Secret Mail-to-Blog word (see picture) -> secret.jpg
If you want to publish automatically don’t forget to check it.

5. Click “Save Changes”.
6. Login into your email account, write your post ( email Subject will be post Title and email body will be your post), sent it to

Remove the blogger beta navigation bar

If you wonder how to remove the blogger beta navbar, this is the way to do it:

1. Login to your blogger beta account.

2. Open the “Layout” for your blog.

3. Click the “Edit HTML” link.

4. Copy this code:

5. Click the “Save Template” link.

Remember : This hack is for Blogger Beta, for the old blogger use this hack.

Inspired by basang panaginip

Minima - 3 column template for Blogger Beta

Minima template with 3 columns:

  • - 3 column
  • - fixed width : 750 pixels
  • - main column: 400 px - each sidebar-wrapper: 150px

! - Remember ! this template doesn’t have all your widgets, so if you use it you need to add your widgets again on your blog.
Many thanks to Ramani of Hackosphere for sharing.

Download this free blogger beta template:
zip file: Minima - 3 column

Simple SEO for title meta tag

Altering the title meta tag to show a better title of a post.

First - locate in your blogger template this part of code:


Second - replace the above html code with this one:

<title><$BlogTitle$><MainPage><Blogger> |
<$BlogItemTitle$></Blogger></MainPage><ItemPage><Blogger> |

Third - limit your blogger homepage posts to a maximum of 3.

Blogger Template with 1 column

1 column blogspot template :

  • - 1 column
  • - custom navigation bar
  • - blogger navbar removed
  • - clickable post titles
  • - fixed width : 800 pixels
  • - seo optimized template
  • - fast loading (no images, only css code)
  • - great template for a photoblog

1 Column blogger template

Download this free blogspot template:

text file: 1 Column blogger template
zip file: 1 Column blogger template